Comparing Stellares to other recruiting platforms


Stellares A.I

Few qualified Talents

Traditional recruiting platforms

Too many candidates

Stellares presents a few carefully selected great-fit candidates, not wasting your time on many no-fit candidates


Stellares A.I

A-Ranked Talent only

Traditional recruiting platforms

C-Ranked Average Talent

Stellares offers access to top talent that is normally inaccessible on traditional channels (job boards, linkedin, ...)


Stellares A.I

Look for the best fit

Traditional recruiting platforms

Can bring anyone to your door

Stellares introduces only great-fit candidates, taking into account candidates’ interests & passions, culture & team fit, and caliber matching

Data driven

Stellares A.I

hundred data point analysis

Traditional recruiting platforms

few data point analysis

Stellares considers hundreds of data points about candidates and companies, and uses personal, professional, and cultural fingerprinting to find best matches

Domain expertise

Stellares A.I

True expertise understanding

Traditional recruiting platforms

Little expertise understanding

Stellares understands unique relations between skills such as programming languages and tech stacks, leading to exceptional job and talent fits

Job presentation

Stellares A.I

View the company synergy

Traditional recruiting platforms

Impersonal presentation

Stellares allows employers to differentiate themselves to stellar talent by visually telling their story, presenting their team and culture

Frequently asked questions

I got a cold email from Stellares. Why?

Stellares is the talent agency for top talent. We dig deep into what type of opportunities would best fit our stellar talent, and then use advanced technology to find ideal matches. In order not to limit our talent to companies we already have pre-existing business relations with, our system also crawls the web, looking for any company and position that may provide a better fit. If a better fit is found with a company not in our network, we will e-mail the company and offer the opportunity to explore a fit with our stellar candidate.

If we have e-mailed your company it means:

  • There is a specific stellar candidate that has strong-matched an opening at your company
  • We’d love to quickly onboard you, verify some details, and introduce you to the matching talent

OK, I’m curious. How do I go from here?

Simply reply to the e-mail signaling your interest. Next steps are:

  1. Sign our engagement contract (like any other recruiting contract you’ve signed before)
  2. Review talent’s CV and confirm your interest
  3. Fill out a short questionnaire about the role
  4. Get introduced to the candidate

Of course, feel free to reply with any comments or questions you may have. We love feedback! We are more than happy to further discuss Stellares with you..

Who is considered “stellar” by Stellares?

That’s a question we ourselves keep going back to. Whatever we will do, we will surely miss amazing people that don’t meet our current criteria. So we keep reanalyzing our selection criteria, and will get better and better over time.

For a glimpse at our process, we adhere to the following logic: for someone to be considered “stellar”, we want to see one or more exceptional traits. It could be the “trivial” things, like studying at a top institution (Stanford, Harvard, MIT, …), engaging with a PhD in an thought-provoking topic, or having worked at a selective company like Facebook, Google, or Magic Leap that teaches state-of-the-art best practices. It can also be the amazing apps they’ve built and released to App store, their significant contribution to open source projects (e.g. github) or the developer community (e.g. stackoverflow). It could be an impressive project they’ve built from scratch where they demonstrated significant mastery of certain tech skills.

We cannot promise that you will end up hiring everyone we introduce to you. We can, however, promise you will seriously consider everyone, and in 90% of cases would want to start a recruiting process. Yes, we are that confident in (1) how stellar the talent we represent is, and (2) how sharp our matching technology is.

How does Stellares decides who is stellar?

Many of our stellar talent are referred to stellar by the Talent Advisory Board (TAB), a group of top silicon valley engineers who are/were leaders at companies such as: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc/. Those who aren’t referred by the TAB, are approved by them.

How do you match talent to companies?

We take into account four different pillars:

  1. A talent’s wants, interests, passions, and career ambitions
  2. Companies’ requirements of the role - experience, skills, background
  3. Cultural/Team matching
  4. Caliber matching

How does Stellares gather data to help create matches?

  1. Open-ended conversations with talent
  2. We scrape and NLP large amounts information from across the web about companies, products, teams, roles, etc
  3. We ask companies additional detailed information about each position

If they are so stellar, why do they need Stellares's help?

The talent we represent are stellar in what they do (engineering, product, etc). They are not necessarily stellar in “finding a job”, negotiating terms, etc. Hollywood stars are also “truly stellar”, and they all have talent agents to help them navigate through their careers.

Interestingly, even though stellar talent have so many options, we have found that talent often take jobs within their immediate network as many do not have the time or resources to deepen their search.

Stellares turns an arduous process into an effortless one by performing all the heavy lifting for our talent

  • Search the globe for companies/roles/team that will match
  • Communicate with teams on our talent’s behalf, verifying matches
  • Negotiating on our talent’s behalf, or assisting in negotiations
  • Research companies’ track record, and only connect stellar talent with companies who are on the right track to success

Who is the founding team behind Stellares?

Roi Chobadi, Founder & CEO, is a Stanford MBA alum, a long-time algorithms engineer, and a serial entrepreneur, having previously founded, built and exited LiquidM, a machine learning company in the advertising space. Roi is also a passionate “burner” (burning man frequenter).

Pablo Rosenman, Founder & CTO, is an experienced tech leader, who twice took leadership roles building engineering organizations, culminating in successful exits: Adience, Fabrix Systems Ltd. Pablo is a huge music enthusiast. He’s also an alum of the Israeli Intelligence.

Andy Katz, Founder & lead engineer, is a strong algorithms and machine learning engineer. Andy is a passionate diver and skier. Andy too is an alum of the Israeli Intelligence.